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Amethyst Phone Grip

Amethyst Phone Grip


Our phone grips give you a secure grip for your phone, and doubles as a stand. Scroll and type with one hand and help prevent phone drops……all while looking fabulous!

3M sticker on the back to safely adhere to your phone.

Silver edging, white phone grip.

ROCK your cell!

Amethyst- This stone is directly related to the mind and its health. It is thought to improve intelligence, cerebral thought as well as memory recall. It is a stone of peace and calming and can be used as a powerful meditation aid.

Because these are genuine agate slices, there may be some imperfections and sizes vary. Approx width 1.5" - 1.75", height 2" - 3".


*** Even though this is a genuine Crystal, it may crack or break if the phone is dropped.


Returns or exchanges will not be accepted.  However, if something is not right, please give us a shout.

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