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Healing Vibes Bracelet

Healing Vibes Bracelet


Amethyst: The Stone of Mental Health

This stone has a direct connection to the mind, and is believed to enhance intellectual ability, cerebral thought, and memory recall. Its calming and peaceful properties make it an excellent aid for meditation. Amethyst is also the birthstone for February.

Pink Zebra Jasper:  The Emotional Healer Stone

Pink Zebra Jasper, a pinkish-grey stone that activates the heart chakra, is believed to promote contentment and joy. Its calming qualities can reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. Pink Zebra Jasper is also a protective stone that can provide stability, grounding, and security.

  • 8mm Amethyst rondelle beads
  • 6mm Pink Zebra Jasper beads
  • Rose Gold embellishments
  • 7.5" wrist size

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