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Manifestation Bracelet

Manifestation Bracelet


Jade: The Stone of Fortune

This stone has been utilized to enhance energy levels and purify the heart's energy. Its ability to eliminate distractions and improve focus can result in the removal of blockages for increased clarity in any situation.

Apatite: The Stone of Manifestation

Apatite is a versatile crystal that can help in various areas of life. It's particularly beneficial for those who struggle with public speaking, as it can improve concentration and memory skills. Additionally, it's an excellent crystal for studying, as it enhances creativity and awakens the inner self.

Quartz: The Stone of Amplification

A stone that brings clarity and amplifies energy.  Known to bring clarity and dispel negativity, Quartz is a powerful stone that can enhance the energy of other stones when used in conjunction. It acts as an amplifier, increasing the strength of the properties of any stone it is paired with.

  • 8mm Jade beads
  • 8mm Apetite rondelle beads
  • 8mm Quartz beads
  • Silver embellishments
  • 7.5" wrist size

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